• Aptana: @noamcb Yes. You need to uninstall PyDev and re-install Aptana   2year
  • Aptana: @theDylanBarth That should have been fixed long ago. If you have a reproducible test case, please file a bug and we'd be happy to look.   2year
  • Aptana: @theDylanBarth Check Commands > Source > Comments for associated key commands   2year
  • Aptana: @theDylanBarth Thanks! What kind of commenting shortcut?   2year
  • Aptana: @JanJaapEnd If it's PHP-related, then yes. Otherwise, you could try associating the file with whatever editor you like:   2year
  • Aptana: @JanJaapEnd Have you installed Eclipse PDT?   2year
  • Aptana: @tarciozemel We have PHP snippets already. You can convert templates to snippets here:   2year
  • Aptana: @johngrimsey No. Are you sure you have a PHP project nature assigned?   2year
  • Aptana: @jstgermain Apologies for that. Things have changed since then.   2year